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White LED welding technology requirements/attention analytical Date:2016-06-06

Blue and green LED welding requirements and white LED the same, with general white LED welding standard to see and have such basic requirements, operation requires attention. Blue and green LED welding requirements and white LED the same, with general white LED welding standard to see and have such basic requirements, operation requires attention as follows:

1, production when you must wear anti-static gloves, anti-static wrist, DianLaoTie must grounding, forbidden unarmed touch white LED two fuses feet. Because white LED esd for phase failure is 100V, while in the workbench work humidity 60% - 90% of the human body will damage when static light emitting diodes crystallization layer, work after a period of time (such as 10 hours) diodes will fail (not bright), the serious will immediately be invalidated.

2, welding temperature for 260 ℃, 3 seconds. Higher temperature, time is too long would burn out chip. In order to better protect LED, LED the colloid and PC board should maintain 2mm above spacing, in order to make welding heat in pin touched except.

3, LED the normal work of the current, voltage for 20mA slight fluctuations (such as 0.1 V) will cause current wide fluctuations (10%-15%). Therefore, in the circuit design should be based on the LED pressure drop matching different current limiting resistor, in order to assure LED in the best working state. Too much electricity, LED can shorten your life, too little electricity doesn't make the light intensity. Generally in batch supply when spectrometer, namely, the same color LED product in LED light bag of strong, voltage, light color are yes, and in spectral color table indicate.

LED the preservation and use advice note the following matters:


In order to moistureproof, LED should be stored in a dry ventilation environment, had better use as soon as possible after, recommend preserve environmental temperature: 5 ~ 30 ℃; Max: 60% humidity RH, applicable ambient temperature: - 35 ~ + 85 ℃.


Don't use: unknown or corrosive liquid chemical cleaning LED, because it may damage LED resin surface and lamp foot surface, even cause colloid cracks.

Lamp feet molding

Don't during welding or in welding forming after, if necessary, molding, must be in complete before welding. Remember, any extrusion resin actions may damage LED inside golden thread, causing the reliability hidden trouble.


1 foot, pipe welding process cannot to LED, otherwise LED internal pressure may be occurrence crackle, it will affect its internal gold thread connection and cause quality problem.

2, when LED welding to the PCB, position should aim, don't distortion, which can prevent stress of LED aluminumwire. Otherwise, the stress can cause problems in high temperature in use. After welding is complete, it is necessary to use three minutes or more time for LED from high temperature returned to normal temperature, the state natural cooling.

3, if use same PCB soldering welding linear permutation LED, not at the same time the same LED two pipe welding feet. Avoid excessive heat instant concentration.

4, burger welding with 30W has the following soldering pen. WenKongXing soldering pen is strongly recommended.

5, LED the welding mode has 3 kinds, requirement as follows:

Soak welding temperature: 230 + 5 ℃ time: < 3sec

Burger welding temperature: 260 + 5 ℃ time: < 5sec

Wave soldering preheated temperature: 190 + 10 ℃ time: < 15sec

Soak tin temperature: 270 + 10 ℃ time: < 3sec

Prevent over-current

1, LED in use process cannot have current or overvoltage.

2, in order to use in stable condition, should put it and LED to protect resistance together, resistance value according to the limit provided LED voltage or current limit and decide, recommended IF the scope of 3-18mA.

3, instantaneous pulse can destroy LED internal fixation connection, so circuit must be carefully design that opens in line when closed, LED not suffer over-voltage (current) impact.


1, to obtain homogeneous brightness, criterion with batch LED should use the same current.

2, the rated current and voltage condition, brightness with the strength of the current strengthens elevated.

3, the LED on IF = 20mA when might be a uniform brightness.

4, visual examination, eyes to the LED to keep 30cm distance.

Note: pure blue, pure green, purple. White light tube during transportation, IQC, production in use process should arrive prepared anti-static measure. Use time limit: general attention above items, light emitting diode life in 8 million hours above.

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